What is this?

Fiction by Mehazael is exactly what it sounds like: Fiction written by me, Mehazael*.

There’s been quite a few storyverses swirling around in my brain for quite a while. Like, my whole life. Now I found a way to not only write down the stories in them, but also publish them for others to read. The secret method? Pulp fiction. No, not the movie. I’m talking about the simple, populistic, mass produced short stories printed on low quality paper, sold for a penny at your local newspaper store, loved by fans and despised by literature knowers.

This is exactly that. Except you don’t have to pay for it. Standalone by default, although with a set spot on the timeline, these stories are character driven with entertainment as their primary goal. I get a story idea, and I write it. For the fun of it, mainly. You’ll recognize themes, you’ll find tropes. There will be politics shining through too, as in practically every piece of art. What’s most important to me are the characters. The people. Their relations. Their lives and their struggles. The worlds around them are merely aesthetics.

As the author here, I’m curious about what you as a reader think about my work (with one exception). So, here’s a few requests:

  • Love what you’re reading? Let me know! Leave a comment, or use the mail form on the Contact-page.
  • Want to point out troublesome tropes, fact fails, inconsequent info? Use the form under Contact. I’m legendarily bad at keeping track of stuff, even if I wrote it myself.
  • Find typos or grammatical errors? Other linguistical abominations? Enlighten me! English isn’t my primary language, and online dictionaries only covers so much.
  • Is the font and/or the colors making the text hard to read? Please tell me, and I’ll see if I can change it for the better.
  • Any special kind of story you’d like to read? Favorite character you want to know more about? A mentioning you want the wholy story behind? Do tell! No promises made, but chances are higher if I hear about it, right.

Aaand the exception:

  • Hate what you’re reading? Don’t tell me. Keep it to yourself or spill it elsewhere. You won’t get any response or publicity for it here anyway. Cheers!


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